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Scheduling, Simplified.

For skilled nursing, private duty, and home care agencies.

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Never schedule another visit

Without A Valid Auth*

Our tool is the only scheduling software that automatically ticks down insurance
authorizations as visits are assigned.
* Manager override is required to schedule a visit outside POC frequency or without available insurance authorization.

Welcome to Scheduling.Healthcare!

Coordinate all patients' Plan of Care (abbreviated as POC), available insurance authorizations, and employee availability all on one screen.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Booth (#429) at HCAF 2016!

Still not convinced?

Here's more extra features that we'll include with new accounts:

  • Clinicians can log in and set their own availability. If a clinician is not available on a certain day, that clinician is not an option for a visit... Simple, really.
  • Assign custom task lists for each of your patients. Use "Red Flags" to lock out a patient from receiving any new visits until tasks are completed. No more excuses!
  • Create custom patient statuses to take advantage of your agency's unique business process. This feature is unique to Scheduling.Healthcare
  • Create your own custom validation checks within each (also custom) patient status. For example, patient cannot be changed to, "Sending RAP" without receiving 485. It's your business - you set the rules!

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